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Alba Botanica Acnedote Face & Body Scrub Review

Alba Botanica Acnedote Face & Body Scrub Review

No matter if you are plagued by body acne, or get spontaneous breakouts, the Alba Botanica Acnedote Face and Body Scrub will fix it.

I use this product at night whenever I have a breakout, and by the next morning or afternoon, the pimples are either faded or gone.

Even though this scrubbing cleanser is for facial and body acne, I’ve only used it on my face, as that is where I get the most acne breakouts. However, the product is light brown and infused with tiny brown scrubbing beads. The beads are not too harsh on the skin and really help leave my face feeling smooth.

However, the consistency of the cleanser is quite thin and will spill out a lot if you are not careful. The product also has a semi-strong herbal smell to it. This odor does not bother me necessarily, but may be unpleasant to others.

Overall, the scrub is about $6.00 USD.  But, if online shopping is more convenient for you, Amazon sells the scrub for $5.92 USD.

(If you are someone that has tried this product, feel free to leave a comment below sharing your experience. Additional experiences help inform and provide alternate or similar opinions on a product. Thank you!)




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