African Royale

African Royale Hot Six Oil Review

African Royale Hot Six Oil is one of the best natural (plant based) oils that can be used to condition hair, skin, and nails.

Not only does this oil add moisture to a dry scalp, but it also dramatically improves damaged hair. After one month’s use, damaged hair is strengthened and healthy. To see this result, use the oil mixed with your daily hair moisturizer.

Also, the oil is a great heat protection. Once applied, while applying heat to hair, there is no sizzle or burn. The oil also leaves hair shiny and radiant after heat is applied so there is no need for oil sheen when styling.

Additionally, on skin, the oil does not feel or leave skin greasy and heavy. It has a very beautiful, subtle scent and can be used with your daily lotion/moisturizer if desired.

The only negative aspect of this product is that it can be messy. Especially when traveling, the oil does leak if it is not upright. However, this is no major issue if you double wrap and tie the oil in plastic bags. After all, it is an oil so spillage is expected.

The price of this product in a typical drugstore (ie. Walgreens) or department store (ie. Target) is $7.99 USD. However, if you find this too expensive, you can find it on Amazon for about $8.00 USD.

Overall, this oil is an amazing multipurpose beauty product. For many, including myself, it is an essential hair care product.

If you have tried this product before, don’t be shy to leave a comment below describing your experience. Your feedback will be even more beneficial to those who are interested in the product.

If you are interested in trying this product, buy it online here.


  • Smell/Scent: 10
  • Effectiveness: 10
  • Satisfaction: 10
  • Price: 8


  • Made from all natural plant herbs and oils
  • Equal to 16 .5 oz hot oil treatments
  • No animal fat or animal oils
  • Special light formula

African Royale Hot Six Oil is six Oils In One: Hot Oil, Hair Oil, Body Oil, Scalp Oil, Bath Oil, Nail Oil. Hot Six Oil is made from only all natural plant herbs and oils with no animal fat or animal oils.

Made from only all natural plant herbs and oils with no animal fat or animal oils.The special light formula goes in hair, skin, scalp, and nail cuticles easily and without a heavy oil buildup. Leaves your hair light and well conditioned.


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