Neutrogena Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash

Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash is one of the best facial washes for acne.

Unlike other facial washes that simply smell pleasing, Neutrogena’s acne wash actually clears breakouts fast.

The product’s active ingredient is Salicylic Acid, which is acne medicine. This medicine is known to easily dry out the skin, but there is only 2% of it in the wash. So the great thing about this amount is that it’s not too overpowering, yet is still enough to prevent acne. It also doesn’t smell.

Of course, its clear in the product’s name that there is a citrus component so yes, when applied it does smell like grapefruit. However, the scent is light and refreshing.

The most effective time to use this acne wash is before bed. This way, the medicine can clear the acne overnight, the time when skin repairs itself.

It is available in two sizes, a 4.2 ounce and a 6 ounce (the display picture) bottle. The usual cost of the 6 ounce bottle is $7.99 at Walgreens (or any drug store). The 4.2 ounce bottle is quite rare to find, but Target prices it at $5.99.

Overall, if you’re someone who struggles with constant acne breakouts and has tried almost everything on the market, this acne wash could be your solution.


  • Smell/Scent: 10
  • Effectiveness: 8.5
  • Satisfaction: 10
  • Price: 7


  • Uplifting Pink Grapefruit Scent
  • Vitamin C
  • MicroClear Technology

If you are interested in this product, buy it here.


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